Summertime is here, and for many families that means lots of running around, whether it’s across town or cross-country. From epic road trips to daily swim team practice, and from summer projects to weekend barbecues; whatever you have planned, you need your automobile to carry you and your family confidently and comfortably. So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to get your ride in tip top shape for the season.

In the summer, daily temperatures are at their highest, and that can have major effects on your vehicle, not to mention the effects it can have on your personal comfort and mood. Keep cool in the heat by ensuring the following maintenance items are checked off:

  • Get your oil changed: The most common and most important of all maintenance items. Clean oil means less friction, less heat buildup, and less damage to critical engine parts.

  • Test your battery: A battery failure is never convenient, and it’s even less so under the midday sun.

  • Check coolant: Your cars radiator keeps the engine from overheating, and it works extra hard during the summer months.

  • Test the air conditioning: This probably goes without saying, but properly function A/C is critical, especially during a hot Georgia summer.

  • Inspect tires and brakes: These items are especially important before a long road trip. Not only do tires provide proper grip, under-inflated tires can seriously affect fuel economy. And, of course, as much as we prefer going, brakes are necessary for stopping.

  • Inspect belts and hoses: Older belts and hoses are subject to cracking, and hot weather can exacerbate the problem.

If you’re overdue for any of the items on this list, don’t worry. Head on over to Volkswagen of Macon where the expert technicians in our service center can help ensure your ride is good to go for wherever your summer adventures take you.

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