At Volkswagen of Macon, you have lots of different choices when it comes to finding your ideal vehicle fit among our lineup of exciting VW options. Whether you're looking at the Golf, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan or Atlas, all these vehicles have standout qualities. When you choose the one you like, you're faced with a decision. Do you buy or do you lease? It's an answer that depends on your situation, but we're here to describe the basic differences between financing your vehicle through buying, or leasing.

Starting with a lease, that's when you agree to lease terms that are set over a three to four year period, and you pay that monthly payment until the lease terms are up. That way, you're getting flexibility. If you want to upgrade to a new vehicle in that time, you can, or find many other options which includes buying your leased vehicle at its residual value. You have to adhere to wear and use guidelines and mileage restrictions, which is around 10,000 miles a year, so most usually can, and you don't require as much due at signing or a down payment. Leasing certainly gives drivers flexibility and the ability to enjoy a new Volkswagen and all is features, while having a shorter-term commitment.

Leasing does require that you ensure the vehicle is cared for and it limits the amount of added parts of customization you can do, be it an upgraded sound system or added auto body parts. Furthermore, leases mean you're always making a car payment every time you have a leased vehicle.

If you're thinking long term, buying is probably the right course of action. We're here to help you find rates to secure a car loan, and when coupled with a trade-in and/or down payment, you can finance the rest with a loan, and pay it monthly until it's paid off. When you've finished your payments, you fully own the vehicle and won't have any more payments. Plus, you're getting benefits like lower insurance costs over time and if you maintain your new VW well over the years, you'll be able to see it last a long time and give you plenty of quality driving. We recommend buying for people who know they'll drive their vehicles for well over five years, and if you're a big traveler or have a long commute and are going to put miles on your vehicle that exceed the limitations a lease might. You also get the power to customize your vehicle how you see fit, too.

Of course, both options you can't go wrong with, it really just depends on where you're at in terms of finances and lifestyle at the moment. Whichever route you choose, we are here to help every step of the way so contact us and we'd be happy to provide all the details and answer any questions for you!

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