When you discover the features that come with the new Volkswagen Beetle, you will not want to test drive any other car. This standard 2.0L turbocharged commuting machine gets around with not only great speed and performance, but with the classic Beetle style that everyone loves. It's no secret that the new Beetle is a great car. Volkswagen has built a solid reputation for producing unique and stylish cars ever since the first style of Beetle went into production. However, now you get to enjoy the classic Beetle chassis, paired with the world's most up-to-date safety features and a 6-speed automatic transmission that changes the game just a little bit from what the car used to be in the earlier days.

Volkswagen has used some of the most classic designs when putting together the new Beetle. A Fender sound system, for example, puts the soft sound of music in your ear, a cool retro style Käferfach glove box gives you a place to stow gear, and ambient multicolor LED lighting gives you the feel of old school driving with modern technology.

Boasting 33 mpg fuel efficiency on the highway, a super-intelligent panoramic roof that will notify you to close the top if weather conditions look rainy, and safety features like Blind Spot Monitor and Intelligent Crash Response System, there's a lot to love about the new VW Beetle. If you are unsatisfied with your commuter car or if you are looking to upgrade to something truly better, come and visit us at Volkswagen of Macon, where you can put your foot to the pedal of a new Volkswagen Beetle and learn firsthand why the world's first choice for a compact car has always been the Beetle. Cruise down the road in classic style with fantastic acceleration and handling in the Volkswagen Beetle.

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